Things you didn’t know about Ant-Man


It took many years and several failed attempts to finally get Hank Pym and Scott Lang to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  But finally it happened in 2015 and gained immense popularity. Now it’s time for the sequel Ant Man and the wasp. Before you watch the much awaited sequel, we present you some facts about Ant- Man you might not have known.

Hank Pym is the foremost scientist in the Marvel Universe :

Pym has been the major part of most Marvel Storylines which involve science or technology. He has vast knowledge of subatomic physics, robotics, cybernetics , artificial intelligence. So, you see why he is so cocky?

Hank Pym was not good enough to be the main character of Ant-Man :

He was mentally unstable and had been battling disorders like Bipolar disease and Schizophrenia which led him to abusive behaviour.




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