Mehfooz Khan intone a party number in his song ‘Johnnie bottle’


The party track ‘Johnnie Bottle’ sung by Mehfooz Khan was released now which was label by T-series. Bring in 2017 with the ultimate New Year’s Eve party song ‘Johnnie Bottle’, guaranteed to keep everyone on the dance floor.

 The song was directed by R.Swami, who finally made a great video and awesome picturization.

 The song is based on a party theme where we can see a lot of luxury cars, bikes and locations. Mehfooz is very happy to lend his voice in this party track ‘Johnnie Bottle’ and he hopes that the audience likes it. In the video he will be seen singing and dancing on the dance floor.

“I am feeling proud to be a part of T-series. More than that, I am so excited and happy that I got to sing it. It was really an experience which will always be special for me. I hope people will like the song as much as I do.”said Mehfooz Khan.

 Mehfooz khan has earlier lent his voice to a different song “woh Pal”. In a tollywood movie, he worked as a comedian actor with Poonam Pandey.  This party song Johnnie Bottle is the latest addition to the actor’s collection. Now, he is trying hard to release two more songs in this year. 


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