Lucknow will be Witness to the NRI Couple’s Royal Wedding

High profile royal wedding, 'Haya' completed rituals as Manjha (Ubtan)


Lucknow – The city of Nawabs will be witness to a high profile royal wedding on December 25, Lucknow. When the NRI ‘Hya’ and ‘Marwan’ will be tied together for one’s life in the bondage of each other. ‘Haya’ is the younger daughter of Mr. Anwar and Fiza Warsi, who is an NRI and Dubai’s very big businessman While ‘Marwan’ belongs to Afghanistan and his father Haji Shah Mohammed Pirzada is also a very big businessman in Dubai.

The high profile royal wedding ceremony with the ritual is called “Manjha” completed as on 22 December at the Ornate Cordial Glory, which is the place known for the royal weddings, The wedding of Lucknow, which will be held on December 25 in the history of the grand weddings, will also be remembered, where ballet dance, Russian dance, Rajasthani  Ghumar dance, Muzra by the artist from  Delhi and Mumbai, along with decoration, Mehman navaji and celebration. The new story of grandeur will come out with artists, Mujra, Police Band, Lakhnavi Shehnai etc.

The Nikahnama will be done by Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahli and Recitation of Kuran by Yusuf Nadvi. In this ritual of Haldi and Ubtan, celebrities from many countries besides Russia, Australia, Afghanistan, Dubai, Germany attended the event. Eminent businessman of the country Mr. Rashid Mirza, Director of Delhi Public School Smt. Firdous and retd. IAS Mr. Shahabuddin, Mr. Tariq Khan along with famous celebrities of the city presented good wishes to ‘Hya’ on the occasion of this ceremony.


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