Greek TV Host Shares Her Secret to Youth


Attaining eternal youth has captivated minds from antiquity to modern times. For one Greek TV host in Australia, her youthful appearance is thanks to her regular exercise routine.

Tina Sofos, who hosts a Greek TV food channel on GRTV Australia in Melbourne, Victoria attributes her enduring youthful appearance to Falun Dafa meditation. Also called Falun Gong, the Chinese meditation practice of mind and body incorporates gentle and slow-moving exercises.

The food channel introduces various cuisines to a local audience. She also hosts her own food channel on YouTube.

Practicing Falun Dafa added both a moral and spiritual component to her life while, at the same time, helping her manage the day-to-day stresses of her work and relationships.

“As a guiding tool I measure myself by these three universal principles of Falun Dafa—Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance,” Sofos said.

“Whenever challenges or conflicts arise, it also gives me an opportunity to look inside my heart and mind to see any faults on my part, which may have led to it and [I] do not react as I would have in the past, becoming more understanding and compassionate of others.”

Major Transformation Occurred

After taking up the practice almost 15 years ago, her then psychologist noted a remarkable transformation.

“[My psychologist] was flicking the papers of my history file perplexed and questioning how could I become so well adjusted after the episode I had recently experienced in hospital,” Sofos said. “I replied it’s because I started practicing Falun Dafa and she said ‘whatever you are doing keep doing it because it’s working.’”

Sofos said within weeks, her psychologist decided there was no need for further visits and she was weaned off her medication. She has not been back since.

Sofos had suffered an emotional breakdown almost 20 years ago, when her 14-year marriage ended.

“The overwhelming pressure took a toll and I experienced a psychotic episode that hospitalised me for about a week. I was medicated with anti-depressants and other drugs,” she said.

After her new partner asked for her hand in marriage, she struggled to answer him due to her previous marriage breakdown; she was also estranged from her family.

“My family didn’t approve of me entering a new relationship and hence we became estranged,” Sofos said. “I became desperate for answers to why my life had fallen apart.”

Then in April 2, 2004, she met the son of a distant relative, Gabriel, at a funeral.

“[He] had now flown back to Melbourne for his mother’s funeral. I noticed in particular that he was not depressed, bitter or sad.” She also noticed a positive air about him.

After introducing herself to him, Gabriel told Sofos that he had found peace through Falun Dafa.

“When he spoke the words ‘Falun Dafa’ it was like a gong struck for me and he went to his bag and handed me a flyer with more information and contact details for the exercise sites.”



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