Brand New Rolls-Royce Ghost Worth Rs 7 Crore Crashed in Mumbai During First Drive


A car is the only asset that has a depreciating value and still has an emotional connect with an owner. One scratch on your car makes you feel bad, no matter how much the car is for? Now imagine the apathy of a luxury car owner like a Rolls-Royce worth Rs 7 Crore if their car gets a single scratch/dent? Something similar in nature happened in Mumbai when the owner of a brand new Rolls-Royce Ghost worth Rs 7 Crore banged his prized uber-luxury sedan on the very first morning drive in Mumbai.

As per a report, a brand new Rolls-Royce Ghost with a temporary registration number plate from Pondicherry was out on its first early morning drive and crashed in Juhu, Mumbai near the Citizen Hotel Juhu, which sits on the beach.

The Ghost swayed over a footpath near a bus top and hit a low wall damaging the front bumper in the process. There might be some damage underneath the body too. A crowd of curious bystanders and police arrived in no time, all awaiting the tow vehicle.


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